About Us

Ben and Gena

Hi there!

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Thanks for stopping by our moto-site. We are Ben and Gena, a married couple from Portland, Oregon. We met in 1994 and got hitched in 1995. We’ve had a number of adventures together since, including supporting each other through two military tours (Ben is an Army Veteran) and earning our Bachelors and Masters degrees, moving around the world, raising a wonderful son (our finest accomplishment), working for some amazing companies and doing it all side-by-side as best friends and sweethearts.

From a young age, both of us have been fascinated by cars and motorcycles. Over the years, our vehicles have been like part of the family. That’s just how we roll.

As a family, we loved hitting the road for day trips, road trips and car camping. As our son grew up, we still did a lot of that, but also began defining ourselves outside of parenting. Riding motorcycles together was a natural progression.

We have been riding as a couple for about eight years. Each season, we challenge ourselves to ride a little farther, stay on the bikes a bit longer, find new roads, pack our bikes more efficiently, and visit places we’ve never been. Every season is a new adventure waiting to unfold.

We created this site to tell our story as a couple who ride together. We are excited to share our adventures, but more importantly, we want to impart our knowledge and cheer you on if motorcycle touring is something you’re interested in.

In these pages, we’ll discuss how we got started riding, the ups and downs of motorcycle touring, tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years, as riders and as a couple of crazy kids who’ve somehow been married over 25 years.

Let’s hit the road!